Sunday, February 5, 2017


Have you ever thought about whether is conceivable a man to jab the child in its mind with the tip of his p*nis while he's having s*x with the pregnant lady?

Before we answer you this question with "yes" or "no", we will compose a few sentences about life systems.

Specifically, the developing child is in the uterus, and it is drifting inside amniotic sac loaded with amniotic liquid.

Besides, the uterus is secured by cervix, which is unbending boundary to the v*gina. Through the span of the pregnancy is gradually is opening. Mention that the birth trench is 3 – 7 creeps long, which relies on upon the lady's condition of aro'usal.

Beneath you can see ultrasound picture with a genuine p*nis inside a lady who is 6 months pregnant. At the photo, over the p*nis there is white hued zone and that is the cervix. Past the cervix is put the uterus, amniotic sac and child. At the photo you can see that the bearing of the p*nis is down.

Accordingly, amid s*x, the p*nis superbly fits in a space underneath the cervix and uterus.

Now, what is the conclusion? It is possible to poke the baby in the head during s*x with the tip of p*nis?

  • NO. That is not possible, and the reason for that is that the baby is protected behind the rigid cervix, uterus and the amniotic fluid.


However, actually it is possible to “jostle” the baby. How?

Namely, regardless of the p*nis’ length, a man can gently jostle or push the baby. It is important to mention that such jostle the baby would experience in case if the pregnant woman went to run up a set of stairs or if she exercises.
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