Saturday, February 4, 2017


This breaking news will make women think twice about wearing that extra handy hair tie on their wrists!

The apparently safe and helpful demonstration of wearing an additional clasp on your wrist is appeared to be not all that harmless all things considered! Audree Kopp, of Philadelphia, as of late saw a huge knock framing on her wrist. She figured it was a creepy crawly chomp and began treating it in like manner, however it turns out it wasn't from a bug nibble all things considered!

"It simply continued getting greater, and redder, and more awful," said Kopp.

She at last went to the specialist and they took a gander at the knock nearer. They treated it with anti-infection agents yet after Kopp was sent home and there were no indications of change, Kopp backpedaled. In the long run she wound up in the ER where the specialists discovered that Kopp would need surgery to manage this wild disease! Later they found that microscopic organisms from Kopp's clasp she wore around her wrist had leaked through her pores making a contamination!

Kopp cautions all ladies, "3 microscopic organisms … . strep, staph, AND poly negative. I need to illuminate everybody to ensure nobody else needs to go through this! The GLITTER tie is the one that brought on the issue.

We are grateful to the point that Kopp's wrist is alright and they got the contamination in time before it spread! Ladies and men alike, be cautious and take this as a notice!

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