Monday, December 5, 2016

You Will Never Put Toilet Paper On The Toilet Seat After Reading THIS

Is it accurate to say that you are one of those individuals who puts a layer of bathroom tissue on the seat before you urinate? Individuals more often than not do this while utilizing open bathrooms. All things considered, no one needs to come down with ailments, so this appears like a preventive measure for now.

However, it's really the inverse. Putting the bathroom tissue on the can situate before you utilize the loo can really bring about wellbeing perils that we don't think about. When you read this post, you will know about the perils postured by putting bathroom tissue on the seats before you lose the loo. So investigate this intently with the goal that you can keep any sort of irresistible illnesses.

Many people put the toilet paper over their seats before taking a leak

Toilet seats used to be known as a medium to transfer germs and bacteria causing infections. 
But that's all a myth. Toilet seats are relatively clean and you should be worried about the toilet paper liners more than toilet seats. It has been found out that toilet paper liners carry a string of bacteria that can result to gastrointestinal infections.

Each time you're putting the toilet paper over your seat, you do more harm than good. 
Toilet paper is filled with bacteria causing gastrointestinal infections and STDs. When you put the toilet paper over your seat and use the toilet, you are exposing your body to more harmful bacteria than you would usually do. Since the toilet seat is put down after usage, it doesn't catch a lot of bacteria as compared to an open toilet paper liner.

Toilet paper liners are just provided so that the toilet paper stays.
But they can't be replied upon the fact that they don't transmit bacteria. E.Coli or Streptococci are the simple bacteria contained in a toilet paper liner. But our skin can usually protect us from such bacteria if we're exposed to it.

When you use toilet paper from your hands, it's safe enough because only your skin is exposed
Since your skin can prevent the transmission of these bacteria on a superficial level, it doesn't penetrate deep into your system.

You should avoid usage of toilet paper while using the loo.

Using the toilet without any toilet paper over it is actually a healthier way. 

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