Friday, December 9, 2016

How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally with Flax Seed

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A healthy mane of thick hair is the dream of almost everyone. While the thickness of your hair is primarily determined by your genetic composition, external factors including diet, stress, poor hair regimen, use of chemical laden hair products and allergies can also lead to thinning of hair. If you are plagued with hair issues, it is essential that you know the basics of hair care. For all of you who want to know how to get thicker hair, here are some tips and remedies to help you get there.

Flax seeds
Flax seeds are loaded with properties that can boost our overall health. Turns out to be that it is an excellent remedy to improve hair thickness as well. The fatty acids present in the substance works naturally to get thicker hair growth and make it appear more beautiful.

Soak three tablespoons of flax seeds in some water and keep it aside for five days. Then dip a cotton ball in the solution and apply it on your scalp. Leave it for ten minutes and rinse off with warm water. Repeat the process daily for a few days to see a noticeable improvement in the condition of your scalp and hair.

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