Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Garlic and Lemon Water for Weight Loss and Obesity

Obesity and overweight is one of the biggest problem that millions of people are facing today.As provided in the WHO fact sheets, that every year 3.4 million adults die as a result of being obese.Obesity causes numerous health problems that follows coronary heart disease, heart attack, infertility problems in women, diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and also increased risk of cancer of the colon, breast, gallbladder, kidney and many other serious health problems.To get rid of this problem, it’s a must to do 30 minutes of exercise everyday.Apart from exercise you must include some herbal weight loss remedies to speed up your metabolism and to burn fat fast.

Ingredients :
  • Garlic
  • Lemon water
Daily chew 3 to 4 fresh, peeled garlic cloves and after that drink a glass of warm lemon water.This one of the easiest and best remedy for weight loss.

Benefits :

This remedy is most effective way to lose belly fat.Garlic and lemon both are excellent fat burning foods.Garlic stimulates the oxidation of fat and hence reduces the fat deposited around your waistline.Lemon water detoxify your body, control hunger cravings and fight obesity.

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