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People turn to conventional treatments to treat yeast infection as they are very embarrassed to explore other options. After using meds, the yeast infection returns, causing many side effects.

What is a yeast infection? 

Vaginal yeast is really a contagious contamination which is creating bothering, irritation, and release of the vagina. It can be spread through oral sex. This is a typical condition among ladies and the side effects are distinctive, going from clear and exceptional to mellow and not extremely detectable. They incorporate aggravation, tingling, redness, and watery or thick release. This can be dealt with effectively, yet in the event that you encounter the accompanying side effects, you have a confused yeast disease:

  • Weaken immune system
  • Experiencing 4 or more yeast infection yearly
  • Extensive redness, swelling, and itching which causes tears, cracks, or sores
  • If caused by fungus other than Candida albicans

When there is imbalance in the bacteria in the vagina yeast infection occurs. This is caused by the fungus candida. One of the vaginal bacteria named lactobaciullus is producing an acid which prevents the overgrowth of candida and when there is not enough of bacteria overgrowth candida occurs, resulting into yeast infection.
The infection can be caused by antibiotic use because they kill lactobacillus, pregnancy, diabetes, weak immune system, and also hormone therapy.

Garlic for yeast contamination 

There is logical proof demonstrating that garlic can regard yeast contamination viably as ordinary treatment without including the hurtful symptoms like liver, heart, and kidney harm. A study distributed in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research found that a vaginal cream that depends on garlic decreased yeast contamination indications. It was even viable in treating one specific side effect. There were 32 ladies required in the study matured 18-49 who were given this cream or clotrimazole cream (utilized for treating yeast contamination). As indicated by the examination, both of the manifestations diminished yeast disease to a comparative degree, yet discovered that garlic was more successful in treating copying and tingling of the vulva more adequately than the other cream. 

How to utilize garlic in treating yeast disease? 

Precious stone Collins, the maker of Natural and Thrifty wellbeing and health blog related her experience utilizing garlic for the treatment of yeast disease. These are the bearings:
  • Remove the cover of the clove
  • Cut slits in it, or just cut it into halves for increasing its potency
  • With a sewing needle tie a string through the clove to retrieve it more easily
  • Do the treatment before going to sleep, and you might need to repeat it more than once
  • You may feel a burning sensation and you may smell like garlic, but it will help you

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