Friday, October 30, 2015

5 Minutes Shaper Product Review

5 Minutes Shaper gives you the ideal blend of cardio and quality preparing !

5 Minute Shaper gives tough workout resistance and make your abs and chest muscles firm and toned ,in just 5 minutes a day. 5 minutes Shaper is definitely the quickest , easiest and most convenient way to finally achieve the dream body . An amazing training device that will help you lose your extra pounds in a few weeks!

Utilize this every day 5 min, and get best result for you. Utilize this day by day 10 to 20 min , get superb results. You should love this attachment it allows to you work your abs so easy. you can really feel the workout with out hurting you.With the 5 Minute Shaper, you get an all-in-one body-sculpting machine that will transform your body from flab to fab in just weeks!

5 Minutes Shaper Machion:

  • Exercise Monitor for free! (Value 299 SEK . )
  • Exercise Monitor keeps track of time , number of repetitions , and how many calories you burn ! 
  • Maximum weight of user 100 kg .

5 Minutes Shaper Benefits:

  • 5 -minutes a day
  • Weight loss has never been so easy
  • You get a flat stomach fast , a firm butt and strong arms
  • Perfect for beginners , more accustomed or pro
  • 4 individually customizable difficulty levels
  • 5 Minutes Shaper can be easily stored in a small space

How to Workout:

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